Monday, April 12Kiswahili kitukuzwe!

Relationship (Uhusiano)

Relationship (Mahusiano)
Great Grandparents Nyanya
Grandmother Bibi
Grandfather Babu
Father Baba
Mother Mama
Brother Kaka
Sister Dada
Paternal Uncle Baba Mdogo / Baba Mkubwa
Maternal Aunt Mama Mdogo / Mama Mkubwa
Maternal Uncle Mjomba
Paternal Aunt/ Wife of uncle Shangazi
Wife Mke
Husband Mme
Sister in Law (for girls only) Wifi
Brother in law Shemeji
Cousin Binamu
Grandchild Mjukuu
Great Grandchild Kitukuu
Friend Rafiki
Neighbor   Jirani
Relative Ndugu

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