Monday, April 12Kiswahili kitukuzwe!

Welcome (Karibu): About Swahili Language.

Swahili language is mainly spoken in East Africa including Tanzania, Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda and Congo. Other African countries those use Swahili are like; Rwanda, Burundi, Somalia, Comoros, Mozambique, South Africa and Nigeria among many.

Swahili language is most successful Bantu Language in terms of growth and spread. It crosses borders and by showing its importance is mentioned among powerful languages. Wonderful enough there is a discussion on making it as the language of the continent. All African countries will use Swahili as their national language. Therefore it is very essential to learn the language.

The language is very easy to learn since it has no tone. Also it has direct correspondence between words and pronunciation. Further more, its syllables are open so it is very easy to learn its writings.

In this course you will learn how to speak and write in fluent Swahili. We promise you it will take just few weeks for you to be a part of this language. It is our pleasure to welcome you and we say “KARIBU SANA”.

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